Ask the Service Team: Your Honda Winter Checkup

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We may be having a mild December, but if last year’s winter is any indication, then we New Englanders had better be ready for snow. If you haven’t had a checkup to prepare your car for winter weather, it’s not too late!  The Herb Chambers Honda Seekonk Service Team recommends getting your car serviced as soon as possible so you’ll have a safe, smooth ride when the bad weather really hits.

Winter car maintenance checklist:

1) Check the air pressure in tires and tread depth–worn tires don’t grab the road as well, especially when it’s slippery
2) Check your brakes and brake pads–good brake pads will help
2) Perform battery testing
3) Look at your windshield wipers–clean or replace torn or worn-out blades
4) Check antifreeze/coolant levels to make sure it has the right level of protection for winter temperatures
5) Make sure your windshield washer fluid is full, and rated down to a temp of -20 degrees

Remember those emergency kits? Make sure they contain a snow brush and scraper. Having a blanket in the trunk serves two purposes: it provides warmth if you’re stuck for an extended period of time, and it can be put under tires as a form of added traction. And speaking of traction, a 5 lb bag of kitty litter can be used for added traction as well. Keep some granola bars or a chocolate bar in your Honda (Honda Mama fully endorses this idea) to provide extra energy if you’re stuck and waiting for help.

At Herb Chambers Honda Seekonk , we offer the services you need so you can hit the road safely this winter. Many thanks to Senior Service Adviser Tim Islip for providing this valuable info!


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