Usable Art: Alex Franqui’s Honda Love Story

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At Herb Chambers Honda Seekonk, we love to hear about how much people love their Hondas. So we’re thrilled to present you with another Honda love story! Honda Mama talked with Alex Franqui, who attended his first Honda Fest this year with his Honda Civic and his girlfriend, Charlotte, so we could get the story.

“The Honda Civic 05 EX SE I bought at Herb Chambers 5 years ago is the first car I’ve actually owned myself,” Alex began. “It’s my daily driver and my show car. It had 86,000 miles on it and we’ve put a hundred thousand miles on it since then.” Wow! Alex takes his Honda to school (UMass Dartmouth, where he majors in graphic design), work (a self-described “fish geek,” he works at a local pet store), and of course, to Honda shows all over New England, where he often exercises his photography skills.

hcha alex franqui

Alex is a member of the Logical Madness car club, but he got into the car scene by accident (literally): “Three days after I bought the car, someone backed into me and crunched the hood–a hit and run. So I got a carbon fiber hood and put it on myself. I went on the internet, researching through car forums and YouTube, to learn how to do it.” Modifying his Honda became a passion for Alex, because of his interest in art. “It’s a lot of work and money, but there’s a real pride in making the car yours,” he says. “It’s usable art.”

Alex loves all Hondas due to reliability, design, and great gas mileage, but his dream car is an Acura NSX Type R. If he had his dream Acura, he’d go with flashy design and color to accent the look. “ It’s one of the best-designed cars ever made, and I’ve always loved the look. Not many people will work on them so it’s a challenge, but it could be a real showstopper. I’m thinking teal, with magenta wheels.” Sounds good to us, Alex!



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