Winter Weather Braking Tips

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Honda Mama is New England born and bred. I’ve driven in all types of bad weather, so you would think I could handle a little wintry mix! But recently I was out in bad weather and despite my careful driving and the truly awesome 4-wheel drive capability of my Crosstour, things got slippery on those icy roads. It freaked me out and I turned around and went home, because frankly, I didn’t want to go to the gym THAT much. (“My new year’s resolution can wait,” I thought.)

However, the experience made me realize that I needed to bone up on how to brake in bad weather.

After some research, here’s what I learned: Follow these winter weather braking tips!

  1. Don’t panic! (This is an essential part of the equation.)
  2. Take your foot off of the gas to help the car slow down.
  3. Switch to a lower gear (D1, D2, or D3) to let the engine help slow your car.

If you can’t stop:

  1. Turn on your emergency lights.
  2. Pull over as close as you can get to the shoulder of the road.
  3. Shift into neutral and use the emergency brake to stop the car. If the emergency brake is not working, run a wheel against a curb to slow down the car or try to stay as far away from the road as you can.
  4. Once your car has stopped, call the police and put your hood up so police passing by can see something is wrong.

Honda Laura recently learned firsthand how to brake in bad weather.  Check out her drifting video and see how well the Honda CR-V performs!  *This video was done off-road in a controlled environment. We do not recommend you driving like this. Do not try this at home.*

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