A Sweet End to Summer: Honda Mama goes to Allie’s Donuts

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We had a great summer, full of road trips and day trips and fun! On our official “last day of summer,” the day before school began, I decided to take my kids on a quick little road trip to Allie’s Donuts in North Kingstown, RI. Rhode Island is small, so every road trip is quick, but once you live in Rhode Island , you realize that every drive over 10 minutes is referred to as a “road trip.”

So off we went in my Honda Crosstour, to create sugary sweet memories that would hold us through the long school year, smiling and singing along with ‘80s tunes on SiriusXM.

By the time we hit the highway (which is exactly 3.7 minutes from my house) my kids were already fighting and I was shouting that if they didn’t stop, I was going to TURN THIS CAR AROUND AND GO HOME, AND THERE WOULD BE NO DONUTS FOR ANYONE, EVER! Which was a totally empty threat because by the end of summer, all parents have left is empty threats, and besides, once we were headed to Allie’s, there would be no turning back: I was getting a donut even if my kids had a full-scale MMA match in the backseat.

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Allie’s is a Rhode Island phenomenon. They make the best donuts you will ever put in your mouth. Trust me, I know donuts. There is always a long line, and they only take cash, which may seem like a pain in the butt. But any Rhode Islander would gladly undergo a full-scale T.F. Green airport-style security check for an Allie’s donut.

Don’t even get me started on Allie’s donut cakes. No self-respecting Rhode Islander would have a party without them, and I mean ANY kind of party.

God Bless

This is one of the donut cakes we had for my daughter’s First Holy Communion party.

Yes, that is a donut shaped like the Holy Eucharist.

Yes, that is a donut shaped like the Holy Eucharist.

Once we got to Allie’s, everyone was all smiles:

Allie’s makes everything better!

Allie’s makes everything better!


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Yes, it was a total sugar rush: a sweet way to close out the summer. Can’t beat a good Allie’s donut, and the Honda that took us there!

What did you do on your last day of summer this year? Did you head anywhere fun in your Honda? Comment below and let us know! And share this blog if you love Allie’s, too!


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