Ask the Service Team: Tips and Info from our Honda Service Managers and Techs

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At Herb Chambers Honda Seekonk, we pride ourselves on service. Our Service Team members are not only friendly and helpful, but extremely knowledgeable. They get the job done! We’re happy to share some of that knowledge here, on Ask the Service Team.

One of our customers came in recently and asked,

“I had a low tire recently and used one of those aerosol tire inflators. It worked right away! Should I keep some of that in my car for emergencies?”

Our Service Team’s opinion is that these products are only to be used very sparingly, in absolute emergency situations. Yes, they work–they fill the tire so you can get going. But once you go to get the tire changed, these products can cause damage that will end up costing you more. The foam affects the tire pressure monitoring system by coating the sensors and plugging up the port, so it can’t do its job. the chemicals can also cause deterioration within the tire.

If your tire is low or flat, we advise you to call the auto club for a tow, or use the spare tire provided in your car–learn how your car’s jack operates so you’ll be prepared. And if you’re looking for helpful info on emergency kits, check out our blog on the subject.

Do you have any questions for our Service Team? Share them with us! We’ll feature customer questions and our answers in upcoming blogs.

We hope this info helps you care for your Honda! Drive safely, and call us if you need us!

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