Road trip! Honda Mama Heads to the Book Barn

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There are two things I love to do: take road trips in my Honda, and read. Recently, I was able to  combine both those activities for a family road trip to the Book Barn in Niantic, CT. What’s the Book Barn, you say?

The Book Barn is a favorite haunt of recovering English majors and lifelong literature geeks (I fit both categories.) They buy and sell used books, but that is just the beginning. With the advent of e-readers and so many bookstores closing down, this place is a sanctuary for the written word.

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The Book Barn is a used book paradise. I think it is where books go when they die, if they have lived a long and resourceful life. If they have been really good, these books can be reincarnated for a second go-round, and be read and loved again. Everywhere on the property, you can see reminders of beloved books…

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“It was a Hobbit hole and that meant comfort”--J.R.R. Tolkien

“It was a Hobbit hole and that meant comfort”–J.R.R. Tolkien

The Book Barn is also an awesome place to take kids. The books are cheap, so I never have to say “no, that’s too many books.” (Because really, you can never have too many books.) My kids fill their bags with books and we all browse to our heart’s content. When the kids get antsy, there are so many fun things to do besides book-shop! That’s what makes this place (and its sister locations, also in Niantic) so road-trip-worthy.

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We had a great time, loaded the Crosstour with books, and made sure to stop for ice cream (Did I mention there is a Dairy Queen nearby? Another thing I love, ice cream!) before heading back home.  If, like me, you love to take a drive in your Honda and you love to read, this road trip is for you.

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