Matt’s Story: Building Cars like Legos

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I’ve been into cars since forever. When I was twelve, I built Lego model cars. Two years later, I bought my first Honda (a ‘93 Civic Coupe) for three hundred bucks, so I could work on it. Kind of like big-kid Legos.

Over the years, I’ve tried other cars, but I always go back to Honda. My current vehicle, an Acura TSX, is my twelfth Honda. (It’s an Acura here, but in every other country it’s a Honda Accord.) I went to work on it right after I bought it…did the wheels and suspension. I changed my oil last week. Working on your car is a mess, but it’s a fun mess.

I put a lot of money and time into my car. If I’m saving for car parts, I’ll skimp on other stuff. The dollar menu is my friend. It’s an emotional investment more than a financial one–it’s not like you get that money back. But it’s worth every penny. Working on your own car, it becomes more than a car. You don’t just drive it around–you fix it, maintain it and make it yours. You’ve worked on it with your own hands. You’re attached to it.

My car’s color (Meteor Silver Metallic) is rare, which I like. Most people have black or white or dark gray cars. It’s nice to stand out, especially at car meetups. I did my first meet in 2008 when I was stationed as a Marine in North Carolina. When I came back to Rhode Island, we started a Honda meetup just to network, talk about builds, and hang out with our cars. We started with 7-10 cars, then it grew to 30, then 300, then 1,300 cars. We couldn’t even find a place big enough to meet.

If I could go somewhere and talk about building cars every day, I’d be happy. Everyone at the meetup feels the same, that’s why we do it.

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