Honda Laura Guide: How to Pair Your Bluetooth® Phone to Your Honda

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Many states require phones be used hands free when making calls while driving. Luckily, most of our Honda vehicles come equipped with the Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink option as a standard feature. Using the Bluetooth® connection allows drivers to keep both hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, yet still make and receive phone calls. Even if it’s not the law in your state, it’s the safer way to drive and talk on the phone.

In this video, Honda Laura walks us through the simple process of pairing your mobile phone with the Honda system. Honda Laura uses her iPhone for the demonstration, but the process is similar for Android devices.

The pairing process is as follows:

  • Turn on the Bluetooth® function on your phone from the Settings section. Make sure the device is set to be visible.
  • Choose the “Locate your phone” option from the Honda screen, and select “Add a new phone.”
  • Confirm that your phone device is set to visible.
  • The system now searches for available devices, and will locate your phone. When you see your phone name, select it.
  • A pairing request is sent from the Honda system to your phone. Compare that the identification number on the car display matches the number on your phone, and then confirm the pairing.
  • Once the “HandsFreeLink” is shown as “connected” on your phone, it is now successfully paired with the Honda Bluetooth® system.

Note: There may be a few additional requests using an Android phone.

Setting up and using the HandsFreeLink and Bluetooth® features with your Honda is quick and easy. Using the system allows the driver to still stay connected while driving, but do it in a safer fashion. As always, a special thanks to Herb Chambers Honda of Seekonk for providing the 2017 Honda Civic Sport Hatchback we used for this demonstration.



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