HondaPro Jason: From Enthusiast to Educator on All Things Honda

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With over 6 million video views to date, The HondaPro Jason YouTube channel has been attracting the attention of Honda enthusiasts worldwide since it started in September 2012. Chock-full of quality reviews,  FAQs, and Honda news in a fun, upbeat video format, HondaPro Jason’s channel keeps viewers “in the know” about Honda news and events.   

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HondaPro Jason meets Honda Mama at Honda Fest 2k15!

Honda Mama caught up with HondaPro Jason at this year’s Honda Fest to hear his story: “My mission was to share what I knew. I wanted to create a quality show that would reach people and help other salesmen better understand the car and the engineering behind it.”  At this writing, on the eve of filming its 100th episode, the HondaPro Show (weekly news show) gets an average of over 10,000 views. Honda Corp caught on, and Jason now travels all over the world for Honda and Honda dealerships, sharing the latest Honda info and the love of all things Honda.

For Jason, it all started back in 1987. His father, a mechanic, had purchased his very first Honda, an Accord LXi. Right away, Jason knew this car was different from all the others they had previously owned, and his love affair with Honda was born. It was the family car, so there were a lot of great memories attached to it: “That Accord was the car I took on my first date, and then to the prom–no wonder the first car I bought was a Honda,” says Jason.

HondaPro Jason started getting involved in the car scene when he began modifying his own car. As he was taking things apart in his ’94 Accord, he had a lot of questions and local dealerships  couldn’t answer them. So he took to the internet, scouring car mod sites and how-to videos. His  “HondaPro” nickname started as a joke, but in 1996, when he was asked to come work for his local dealership, he took it on officially.

HondaPro Jason now works with Honda dealerships all over the country. His goal is to bring dealerships closer to enthusiasts as well as bring Honda Corp closer to dealerships. Herb Chambers Honda of Seekonk GM Scott Birtles shares this sentiment. Therefore, it was only fitting for Scott to ask Jason to be a part of this year’s Honda Fest. Check out the video for great highlights and interviews from his visit!  “I get joy out of showing people what they can’t see with their own eyes. The love and support I’ve received from enthusiasts and dealers and corporate makes it such an amazing experience.”

hchs jason with project orange

HondaPro Jason currently resides in Chicago where, in between videos and appearances, he works on his favorite project: his 2014 Civic Si, also knowns as “Project Orange.”

Going forward, Jason is along for the ride. “It’s a journey.  I always knew I was onto something but it evolved beyond what I could imagine. I’m going to keep going and see what happens. Keep educating and entertaining.”


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