Honda Summer Fun: Let’s go to the Drive-In!

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Summer is a great time to take your Honda everywhere: BBQs, road trips, beach days! And two very important places, closed all winter long, open up their doors in this season of hot weather and flip flops: roadside ice cream windows (which I consider to be a supreme gift to the world) and drive-in movie theaters (which have received a lot of attention and help lately thanks to Honda’s Project Drive-In.)

This summer, we attended a fabulous kids’ birthday party at our local drive-in movie theater. This mom had the perfect idea: instead of inviting several kids to her house and hyping them up with sugar so they could destroy her home, she invited a few families to celebrate her son’s birthday at the drive-in! Great party idea, and lots of fun. We piled into the Crosstour and went along.

Here are a few hints to enjoying a drive-in movie with your children:

1) Get there early. You’ll get a great view, and if you were smart enough to band together with other parents, the kids can play together and, as my friend is fond of saying, “get their ya-yas out” before they are expected to sit semi-quietly for the movie. Remember, the movie starts after dark, so there will be plenty of time to fill. Bring a soccer ball or some games.

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2) Pack as if you are leaving your house for a weeklong survival expedition.

You will need:

  • Snacks (my friend brought about a kilo of popcorn and movie candy–she was not kidding around with this party!)
  • Drinks (cooler full of Capri-Suns and water bottles does the trick.)
  • Blankets and sweatshirts (even if it’s a hot day, the sun goes down and there is often a chill in the air.)
  • Bug spray (this should be obvious.)
  • Folding chairs. If you are going with several families, a card table is also a good idea.
Honda Odyssey packed for Drive-In fun!

Honda Odyssey packed for Drive-In fun!

3) Bring a radio. (Remember those? Your iPod nano may have one, depending on which generation it is.) Many cars and minivans (including my favorite minivan of all time, the Honda Odyssey) have their car stereo system speakers in the front so if the kids are sitting in the back, you have to turn the volume wayyyyyyyy up. If you have a radio, you can just tune in and listen to the movie that way.

4) Have fun! Friends, movies, and outdoor air creates the perfect combo for summer family fun, and you can make it all happen on almost any summer weekend. Get in your Honda and drive–to the drive-in!

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