Ask the Service Team: Have you read your Owner’s Manual lately?

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Ah, the chilly nights of autumn are here. It’s time to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa and a blanket, and dive into a fantastic book like…your Honda Owner’s Manual!

Got your attention there, didn’t we?

Yes, the Owner’s Manual. We know it’s no 50 Shades of Gray and it seems like it’s longer than War and Peace, but your Honda Owner’s Manual is an important piece of reading material. The newer Hondas have a lot of great, helpful features, and you won’t know about them until you read the manual. And whether you’re driving a Civic or a CR-V, knowing your car’s features will help you a great deal in an emergency.

Here is a quick quiz to see if you’ve read your Owner’s Manual:

1) The tire pressure light goes on when you…
a. Have tires losing air or going flat
b. Encounter a temperature change (e.g., summer to fall)
c. All of the above

2) The jack and spare tire in your Honda is located…
a. In the trunk
b. Under the seats
c. It’s different in each make or model…check your Owner’s Manual!

3) The radio is flashing “CODE,” how do I get it to stop?
a. Call Herb Chambers Honda Seekonk and beg us to turn your radio back on.
b. Check the Owner’s Manual, it’s on the first page.
c. None of the above.

It may not be literature, but the Honda Owner’s Manual was designed with you in mind, and it’s there to help! Read it now and you’ll have the knowledge to operate and maintain your car for many happy years to come.

Answer key: C, C, C. #3 was a trick question. The code you need and the audio unit’s serial number are listed on the anti-theft ID card that comes with the vehicle. Which you would know if you’d read the Owner’s Manual, HA!

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