Honda Mama Loves the Crosstour

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For the past decade, I’ve been a minivan mom, and proud of it. The Honda Odyssey, is, in my opinion, the Cadillac of minivans and it has every feature you would ever want or need in a vehicle that safely and comfortably carries you and your crazy brood to school, soccer, and beyond. Embrace the minivan!

So, you might be surprised to know that I don’t drive a minivan. At least, I don’t anymore. There is a new love in my life: my Honda Crosstour. (Cue angels singing.)

Here’s how we met. I needed a new car, but I had NO IDEA what I wanted. A shiny new Odyssey beckoned, but I felt like my minivan days were over, because my kids are school age now and it’s about time they learned to open car doors by themselves instead of just spilling out of the car when I press a button. I also looked at a Pilot, a CR-V….luckily, my salesman, Mike Rebola, was very patient with me as I test drove cars much the way Goldilocks tasted porridge.

And then, I saw it. (Cue angels singing.) It was there, on the lot, just waiting for me: A Crosstour the color of my favorite nail polish. (I’m Not Really a Waitress by OPI. Isn’t that the best color? Perfect everyday red. But I digress.)

The Crosstour is basically an Accord with a hatchback, so it has the look of a small, super-sleek station wagon. The interior is gorgeous, and with AWD, it handles amazingly well. After one test drive, I was hooked. It’s the perfect ride for a mama who’s in transition, like me. You know what I’m saying–you did baby/toddler years in minivans, and now you’re wondering, “What’s next? And how will I carry it all, yet still fit into the tiny parking spaces at my child’s school?”

My Crosstour fits my kids, my dog, a ton of groceries, and the giant hockey bag, and still fits in the tiny school parking spaces. Moreover, it fits me. It’s fits the mama I am, right now, and it’s going to fit for many years to come. If you’re like me–a mama who’s finding her way from the baby years–then give it a try.



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