Honda Mama Reviews the 2014 Super Bowl Car Commercials

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So, the Super Bowl was last night, and the Broncos got whomped. Not that I was really paying attention, because I was too busy watching the commercials, eating nachos, and counting the minutes until the game was over so I could fire up the DVR and watch Downton Abbey.

This being a car blog, I’ll spare you the inevitable review of the typicals (although I will shout out to Doritos for sheer funny and Budweiser for sheer cute) and focus on what I consider the Top 3 Super Bowl car commercials.

Honda Mama’s Top 3 Super Bowl Car Commercials in No Particular Order:

Chevy: You had me at “supporting cancer research,” Chevy. Thanks for my daily cry. As a woman and as a mom, this issue is close to my heart and a little too close for comfort lately. A lot of people may have thought it was a little too deep and serious for the Super Bowl, but I think it went a long way with all the wives and girlfriends and female sports fans watching.

Jaguar: I actually saw this commercial earlier in the week when it was teased on YouTube and I LOVED it! Scenes from London? Sir Ben Kingsley, Shakespeare-trained actor in a mansion lair? Mark Strong teaching us the right way to pronounce Jag-Yew-AWHR? (By the way, I checked into this and he did nearly all of his own driving in that spot.) Tom Hiddleston suited up and drinking tea in a helicopter? Geek girl SWOON!

Honda: Now, I know what you’re saying. “Gee Honda Mama, what a surprise, you liked the Honda commercial.” Well, I DID, OK? It was very sweet and we had a nice little family hug when Bruce Willis told us to do it because everyone who grew up in the 80s will always do what Bruce tells us to do because [spoiler alert but not really] he is the guy who saves the Christmas party in Die Hard. And Fred Armisen was goofy and funny and made us all giggle and now a hugging trend has begun with #hugfest. YAY for hugs!

One More Car Ad to Mention:

Audi: No, I did not miscount. I’m not giving this an official spot on my list, because I thought the Dober-uaha was EWWW, personally. It looked like a real life Scrappy-Doo, and we all know that Scooby-Doo jumped the shark when that annoying little sidekick came on the scene. However, people were talking about it, so it did the job. It just goes to show what gets you noticed on TV.

What were your favorite Super Bowl commercials this year? Let’s hear them!

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