Honda Mama hits the Blueberry Patch

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As I’ve said before, there’s nothing my family loves more than picking fruit in the summer and fall. In past seasons, we’ve roamed RI and MA, scouring the land for PYO opportunities. Our favorite place to go is Harmony Farms, a 28-acre farm in North Scituate, RI. (And after a hard day on the PYO trail you can all get root beer floats  at A&W, only 10 minutes away! Ring the bell and tell ’em Honda Mama sent you.) Originally established in 1796, Harmony Farms is owned by Bernie and Mary Ellen Smith. This is their 30th year selling blueberries, so they had some great tips: “Always pick from the bottom of the bush,” Bernie told us, “Because all the moisture comes up from the ground and the blueberries are very ripe there. That’s why kids are such good blueberry pickers.”  

HCHS Bernie & Mary Ellen

Blueberry picking season is still going strong, so we grabbed a couple pals, piled into the Crosstour, and headed to Harmony Farms. On the way, I kept thinking this might be the last time we’d pick blueberries in summer. You moms know what I mean–your kids get a little older, and things you did when they were little aren’t “cool” anymore. When we got there, my kids were grumbling about how they were bored and tired and hot and they didn’t even like blueberries but I cheerfully ignored them, because blueberry picking is my absolute favorite.

hchs pyo collage

Spread out among the blueberry bushes, I could sense a change come over all of us. It was quiet and calm, and I went my own way, keeping the kids within earshot. It’s a small patch, so I could hear their grumbles turn to laughter and chatter. It didn’t take long. I relaxed and stopped thinking about my to-do list and my kids growing up so quickly and summer being almost over. Picking blueberries can be almost meditative, out there in the sun and shade, hearing the sounds of birds.

After a few moments, my son came up to me and placed a blueberry in my palm.  “Mom, you have to taste this, it’s really sweet,” he said, and his smile was surprised–he’d forgotten how sweet freshly-picked blueberries can be. It was nice to be reminded of that, myself. Blueberries are sweet. And so is life.

Summer days are growing short, but there’s still fun to be had! What are you doing to enjoy these last sweet days of summer?


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