Takin’ it to the Street (Sesame Street, that is)

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Yes, Honda Mama is at it again, loading up the Crosstour for another road trip! Our summer road trip began with this less-than-auspicious interaction:

8YO: “Mom, do you like this box?”

She was holding a small box that had once held thank you cards, which I had brought along thinking my kids would actually write them during the 5-hour drive to New Jersey (behold the depth of my delusion.)

Honda Mama: “Um, yes, I think so…why?”

8YO: “Because if I throw up, that’s where it’s going.”

Did I mention my daughter has a tendency toward carsickness? Luckily, a little Dramamine and a lot of silent “please-God-don’t-let-her-throw-up” later, things seemed to be going smoothly, and the trip only improved from there. That’s because we were headed to…Sesame Place in Langhorne, PA!

I love Sesame Place.  Sesame Place is my all-time-favorite when it comes to kids’ amusements parks within driving distance. (Obviously Disney is THE theme park on the East Coast but I do not consider Florida driving distance from New England unless you are crazy. If anyone has done this in your Honda, please comment below and I will interview you for the blog.)

Because we were driving, we were able to take the Crosstour. And my husband would not let me drive one mile of that trip! I think we need to go car shopping so he can get his own Honda. Maybe a Pilot?

Sesame Place is clean, the rides are perfectly kid-sized, and the souvenirs have educational value. And you can’t go wrong with Sesame Place characters. When we walked in, we were greeted by our kids’ favorite:


How can you beat that? Later, we met other Sesame Street pals, and we all had a blast!


I was sort of sad inside because this will be our last trip to The Street. My kids loved it, but by next year, they’ll be too old for Sesame and ready for Six Flags. Sigh. I hear one of our new baby cousins is an Elmo freak, though…

So I’m sure somehow, we’ll get back to Sesame Place!

See? Even Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen love Elmo!

See? Even Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen love Elmo!

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