Food Truck Friday in Providence with Honda Mama!

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food truck fridaysRecently, the stars aligned and there was a night with no activities, no school events, and no carpool. A friend of mine and I called our husbands and said those magic words: “We’re not cooking tonight.” We had decided that this was the perfect opportunity for our families to check out an event that we’d heard of and salivated over:

Food Truck Friday in Providence.

We threw our families, a couple blankets, a stroller, and some very high expectations for a night of FUN and FOOD into our respective Hondas (my Crosstour, her Odyssey) and set off. And let me tell you, we were not disappointed. In fact, our initial reaction was sheer woe at having missed this event all summer, as we tore our hair and beseeched each other, “Why were we not doing this every Friday since they started in May?”

To explain: Food Truck Friday is a weekly gathering of local food trucks from the Providence, RI area. Every week, food trucks gather at the Roger Williams Park Zoo Carousel area to offer their wares: yummy food of every kind. Yes, you and your entire picky, I-don’t-like-this/I-can’t-eat-this family can get exactly what they want and be satisfied at this event.

Behold the array of deliciousness that awaited us

Behold the array of deliciousness that awaited us

Deliciousness powered by Honda, of course

Deliciousness powered by Honda, of course

Once you get your food truck delights, you can make your way over to a lovely bucolic hill where there is music playing (live music, I tell you!) and picnic. When your kids get antsy they can play on the hill or at the playground while you sit and enjoy your food! Miracle!

After a careful perusal of all of the food truck offerings, my friend and I decided on something called a “BBQ sundae” from GottaQ BBQ and it completely changed my life.

Everything you love about BBQ in one perfectly sized cup. If this is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Everything you love about BBQ in one perfectly sized cup. If this is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

We finished it off by splitting a GINORMOUS poutine fries from Friskie Fries, because it is my personal belief that if fries are available, one must partake. Our collective brood (4 kids ranging from toddler to tween) had dessert and enjoyed themselves immensely, and for a precious twilight, there was almost no whining.

Food Truck Fridays will continue through the end of October, and it’s an event not to be missed. So hop in your Honda and head over…perhaps, if the stars align again, we’ll see you there!


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