Honda Mama Goes Apple Picking

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I don’t know about you, but when the leaves start to change, I feel like there is a huge list of stuff we all need to do, in order to call ourselves proper New England parents.  And it’s not back-to-school shopping or scheduling carpool, it’s…


One of our favorite fall activities is apple picking.

Actually, we like picking fruit of any kind, so from June through October, we travel New England like some weird backwards version of migrant workers. We gleefully fork over untold amounts of money to pick fruit that my kids won’t even eat, so I end up with a freezer full of blackberry crisp and peach pie that lasts me all winter. Yay for PYO!

20140920_163505 2 recently published this extremely helpful guide on PYO apple farms, but we’re Rhode Islanders, so we took one look at that and immediately got on the highway to our old standby, Barden Family Orchard in Smithfield, RI.

20140920_155450 2

We took the Crosstour because the parking lot is somewhat…rustic. (And also because the Crosstour totally rocks, you should get one, too!)


We had a fun afternoon, and it made me think of when my kids were tiny and we took them apple picking when they were barely old enough to chew them! Ah, memories…

Oct 08 018

Weren’t they cute?!

What’s on your FUN FALL ACTIVITIES list? Comment below, and share your memories, too!


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