Honda Love Story: Brian Medeiros aka Scary Snowman

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Brian Medeiros films the Honda Laura videos and works as a photographer/videographer for Honda of Seekonk, catching cool events and car pictures.

Brian is a Honda owner, has met Herb Chambers at the famous Cars & Coffee, and can detail a car to an OCD-worthy level of sparkly perfection if you ask him nicely.

He is also…

The Scary Snowman!


One day, Brian was tooling around online and saw the Herb Chambers Honda Seekonk Facebook page.  He liked the page, and Scott Birtles (Honda Seekonk’s GM, who notices everything) saw it right away and posted the Scary Snowman profile picture with this caption: “We have a local celebrity on our page!’”

The connection might have ended there, but sometime later, as Brian tells the story, “I was trying to fix my car and couldn’t do it because I needed a certain tool [10mm socket wrench.] I posted it on Facebook to see who had one and could help.” Scott happened to be on Facebook at that moment: “I looked down at my desk and saw that I had that exact tool sitting right there, so I messaged Brian to see about letting him borrow it.”

Brian ended up getting his car fixed at Honda Seekonk, and then attended the car show. After the car show, Brian offered to help with editing the car show video, and began to work on Honda Laura videos for the Herb Chambers YouTube channel (Look–this one got over 100k views!)

Naturally, after all this Honda exposure, Brian soon started looking at Honda cars and he liked what he saw. He bought one, then another. “I was always a hard core VW guy, but I consider my Honda an upgrade,” he says, “I don’t know what took me so long!”

It happens to us all, Brian…glad to have you with us!

Brian with Herb Chambers

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