Pamela’s Story: Miles and Miles of Honda Adventures

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We recently received this letter from a happy Honda customer:

I want to tell you about my 1994 Honda Accord Wagon. The car has a Herb Chambers name plate on it so my assumption is that it was originally bought from the dealership.

In 2001, my husband knew I wanted a car with the room of a sedan with the utility of a wagon. I knew that Toyota had Corolla and Camry wagons but didn’t know about the Accord Wagon. We spent a long time trying to find a car to replace my husband’s 1988 Honda Accord, which had been in an accident and was no longer drivable, and we needed another car with 4 doors because we had two children in school and my husband, who is a musician, needed to be able to load his equipment into the car. At the time we also a 1993 Accord sedan, so we decided that he would take the ’93 and I would get the “new” car.

The Great Car Hunt

My husband started looking online for cars, and so began our great car hunt. We spent a couple of weekends driving from our home in Wareham to Rhode Island, seeing cars for sale by private owners, small used car dealerships, and new car dealerships. We called friends and family and found nothing. Then we went online again and spotted a Honda Accord Wagon for sale in Northbridge, over an hour away from us. It was already 4pm.

My husband called the place and they said they would stay open, so off we went. When we got there I wasn’t even sure that I wanted a wagon but we did the test drive. I didn’t realize this, but my husband was so ready to have the car search done that he had brought a check with him. I think he had decided that we were buying this car unless it had something major wrong with it.

A bump in the road….

After the test drive we did decide to buy the car. It was now around 8pm and getting dark and we headed home. Within ten minutes the lights were dimming and the engine died. We were on a very dark road and my husband was following me, he stopped too and came running up to the car to find out what was wrong. I told him what happened and that I didn’t want the car and we were getting our money back. After I calmed down we called the place and they sent someone to get the car, get it fixed (it was the alternator), and deliver it to us a few days later.

Miles and miles of Honda adventures

That was 12 years ago and I have loved this car so much! We have taken this car all over New England and wherever we went people were surprised that it was a Honda. Not many people knew that Honda made a wagon. I would love it if Honda still made a wagon here in the states. I believe they still make them for the European market. [Actually, Pamela, Honda does make a small wagon-type vehicle…check out our Crosstour.]

Well, this little car has crossed the milestone of 300,000 miles! It actually has 311,000! Despite an oil leak and age, the car still starts like a trouper every day and gets around 24mpg. She’s a little faded and has a little rot around the edges but I love her and hate the thought of her sitting in some junkyard waiting to be scrapped.

Honda Accord wagonHonda Accord wagon 2Honda Accord wagon 3Honda Accord wagon mileage

I will be starting the search once again for a new(er) car and just thought I would tell you a little story about a 1994 Honda Accord Wagon that started out at your dealership!

Proud Owner Of a 1994 Honda Accord Wagon,

Pamela Peterson

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