Honda/Acura Love Story: Jennay and Josh

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Jennay is one of those smiling, friendly voices on the other end of the phone at Honda Seekonk. She and Josh have been together for over 7 years and love going to car shows to show off their Honda and Acura. They met online, talking cars at, and soon decided to meet in person, though they lived an hour apart.

“The first time we met, I drove up in my little red Civic EX and he was in his daily driver, a mint green Acura Integra, ” Jen tells the story (Josh clarifies: “It was an Aztec green ’92 Integra GSI”) “I loved that car. Now I have a 4-door because it’s more practical for bringing my son everywhere. But I sold my red Civic to my best friend so I can still see it all the time!”

The Honda life is a daily source of enjoyment for Jen and Josh. Their son’s favorite toy is a stuffed animal English bulldog named “Brembo,” after the high performance brakes brand.  “If we had a pet, that’s what it would be,” says Jen, “an English bulldog named Brembo. For now, my little boy loves the stuffed animal.”

Josh has been working on cars along with his cousins for years, and prefers Hondas because “they’re reliable and easy to work on.” His favorite is an SI he has been building since high school. Josh had been into American muscle cars before that: “Everyone liked muscle cars until Fast and Furious came out. Then, people got into imports, the body kits, the big wings. My car was stock and I liked it that way, then it got stolen. I bought a car with the bodykit (stickers and a big wing) on it, which I didn’t like. So I ripped it all off and had the car repainted the original color, Electronic Blue Pearl. My friends thought I was crazy! But I like clean lines, not too aggressive, the factory look. Why mess with perfection?”

Why, indeed!

Thanks for sharing your story, Jen and Josh! If you have a Honda love story, let us know by commenting below…we’d love to hear it and share with other Honda fans!

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