Honda Laura Changes a Flat Tire in 6 Easy Steps

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Hey everyone, it’s Honda Laura! I love doing videos for my Honda fans, whether we’re doing a head-to-head comparison between a Honda and another car, or reviewing new models like the Pilot and HR-V. As always, a thank you goes out to Herb Chambers Honda of Seekonk for lending us the Honda CR-V for the video.

I recently recorded a how-to informational video on changing a flat tire–check it out! Listed below are the six steps you should follow when changing your flat tire. For more details on each step and to see me in action, please be sure to watch my YouTube video.

Step 1: Assess your surroundings: Are you in a safe location? Don’t forget to put your hazards on or place a cone out for added safety. This is where your emergency kit will really come in handy.

Step 2: Access your materials: Do you have everything you need to change your tire? Lift your cargo floor to retrieve all your materials.

Step 3: Loosen your lug nuts: Loosen your lug nuts slightly before you jack up your car. This is a tip my dad told me once and I’ve never forgotten it!

Step 4: Jack the car up: When getting ready to raise the car up, make sure you place the jack on one of the two designated spots on the lower body.

Step 5: Remove the lug nuts and flat tire: Once the car is lifted, remove the lug nuts and flat tire. Don’t lose them! Those little things are what some would call “important”.

Step 6: Place the spare tire on: Once you place the spare tire on, tighten the lug nuts loosely so they don’t fall off. Once you lower the car, you can tighten them all the way.

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I did it! I changed my own tire! Wasn’t that fun? Now cleaning up is the hard part!  A helpful tip to remember: the spare tire that comes with your Honda is only meant to be a temporary fix. Try and stay away from the highway and only travel at low speeds, then make sure to bring it in to us at Herb Chambers Honda of Seekonk to get it fixed as soon as you can. We want to keep our Hondas in tip-top shape, don’t we? Comment below and give me your thoughts on this video or some other how-to videos you would like to see me do in the future.


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