Honda Fest 2k15: A Family Affair

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Honda Fest 2015 took place on July 19 at Mohegan Sun, and what an event it was! Sponsored by Herb Chambers Honda Seekonk, thousands of Honda and Acura enthusiasts came together to share in some Honda love, and to raise money for Team Anthony, an autism awareness organization.  We were lucky enough to catch up with organizer David Medina, who shared with us his own Honda love story, as well as why he strives to make Honda Fest bigger and better every year.

“In the early ’90s, I bought a 1978 Honda Civic for $500,” said David.  “I loved my hatchback, something about the lines and how they flowed caught my attention. From the grill and the little hood scoop to the brown interior with wood accents, I can still recall the little details of that car to this day.”

David, who currently owns four (yes, FOUR!!) Hondas, credits the brand’s style, performance, and comfort with fostering his Honda lifestyle.  “Hondas and Acuras have everything you could possibly ask for,” he said. “The one car I regret selling is my ’92-’93 Integra GSR, I have owned several Integras and that is by far my favorite. Again, it’s all about the details–the VTEC fender moldings, the rear GSR emblem, and the interior.  It just stops me every time I see one.”

David started Honda Fest in 2012, after three years of intensive planning.  “Our goal was simple,” he said, “we wanted to make this Honda event family-oriented and welcoming, and also use it to help make a difference.” Make a difference it did – Honda Fest raised over $3000 for Team Anthony, a group near and dear to David’s heart.

Team Anthony was started in 2008 by Steven and Alexandra Delacruz, when their son, Anthony, was diagnosed with autism.  The Delacruz family made it their mission to begin raising funds to supply iPads to schools in an effort to help autistic students. David hopes that the funds raised at both this and next years’ Honda Fests will help Team Anthony to supply many more. “I have known Steven for most of my life, and he’s one of my closest friends,” said David. “How could I not help out family?”

hchs honda fest 2015 david medinaDavid thanked Herb Chambers Honda Seekonk, his family, and all of the amazing Honda and Acura enthusiasts who attended Honda Fest 2015, for helping to make this year’s event the best yet. “I’ve been involved in the automotive scene for 20 years,” he said, “and my family has been with me every step of the way.  I couldn’t have done it without them!”  David added that he wanted to make sure future generations have the opportunity to experience the love and appreciation for cars that he grew up with.  “From fully built race cars, to show cars and restored classics, we wanted to make sure we did our part to share with other families the hobby we love.”




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