Happy Mother’s Day from Honda Mama

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Mother’s Day is a few days away, and there’s a ton of blog articles out right now about what Mom wants or doesn’t want for Mother’s Day. Well, I’m going to add my voice to the crowd and tell you what Honda Mama wants for Mother’s Day this year…

  1. A new Pilot (just kidding, I love my Crosstour. But that new Pilot is SICK.) Have you ever noticed that everyone in the family gets new things, and Mom often ends up with the hand-me-downs or the old stuff? “Well, I don’t care about cars,” she says. But what she’s thinking is, “I hope this 12-year-old minivan doesn’t go kaput on the highway today, because I have 2 LAX games and a soccer practice and a dance lesson to get to, all in the space of exactly 87 minutes.” Maybe it’s time to trade in that old minivan for an Odyssey.
  2. A car wash. When I was growing up, you could tell the difference between my parents’ cars by looking at the floor mats. My dad’s were always pristine. My mom’s were a hot mess. Cheerios ground into them, marker and crayon stains, old drinkboxes under the seat…does any of this sound familiar? This is because Mom had us kids in the car all the time and we were PIGS! So get your bucket and scrub brush ready, kids, and go get that car clean. Remember, Mom spends a lot of time in it, ferrying you from place to place.
  3. And speaking of ferrying kids from place to place, remember that many of today’s moms spend the bulk of their waking hours in the carpool lane. On Mother’s Day, it’s possible we may want to just stay put for a few hours, or take a drive with no agenda except a lovely view, or a massage, or a delicious meal we didn’t have to cook. Check out our blog for some nice places you can take Mom this Mother’s Day!
  4. Chores getting done and done right, without being asked. And by chores, I don’t mean “chore coupons,” those little scraps of paper that are presented with great fanfare on the holiday, only to be declared expired or bad currency once the recipient attempts to collect. I mean, go do your chores, without Mom having to nag you.
  5. Gifts that do not appear on some “Top 49 1/2 Gifts for Mother’s Day” list. Dude, I’m your MOM (or, in the case of new moms, I’m the MOTHER OF YOUR CHILDREN.) I know every hair on your head by heart and you can’t remember whether I like ice cream or froyo better?  Whatever. Just ask me what I want. I’ve got a whole list. (Books and gift cards are always welcome.)
  6. Hugs. And no, we don’t want coupons for those, either…the real thing is the best. We live for those hugs and kisses from our kiddoes. Because on Mother’s Day or any other day, it’s all about love. We love you. We do our best for you. And Mother’s Day is all about showing us a little of that love we show you, every day.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Going for ice cream with other mom friends and their kids is a great way to spend Mother's Day!

Going for ice cream with other mom friends and their kids is a great way to spend Mother’s Day!


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