Fall in Love With a Honda: 4 Cars for 4 Families

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Every family has different needs. Dance recitals, sports practice, road trips, college move-ins—Hondas are made to handle all that life throws at you. So which Honda is the Honda for you? Check out some of our most popular options below!

Pilot: Love the outdoors? The Pilot is a champ for off-road treks. Plus, with all the extra space an SUV provides, you’ll have plenty of room for your tent, sleeping bags, food—oh, and the kids of course! View Honda Laura’s review on the Pilot or read about Honda Dad’s Pilot.

CR-V: As a compact SUV, the CR-V has just enough space and comfort to feel like an SUV without feeling like you’re driving a school bus. With collapsible rear seats, you can load it up and not have to worry about leaving anything behind. It’s also great in the snow! Don’t try this at home. View Honda Laura’s review on the CR-V.

Odyssey: Families with young kids, your chariot awaits! The Odyssey has it all. With eight passenger seats, you can take the kids and their friends all in one car. Keep them busy during long car rides with dual TV screens and high-quality HD radio. You’ll even have an easy cleanup when you get back home with a vacuum that now comes attached to the car! View Honda Laura’s review on the Odyssey.

Accord: Kids grow up quickly and before you know it, you’ll need to look into a car for them. The Accord is a great car to buy new and pass down to children as their first car. Hondas last, and Accords will run for years. (Check out this story about an Accord Wagon—it’s got 300,000 miles on it!) View Honda Laura’s review on the Accord.

There’s a Honda for every family out there. If you’re still not sure what you want, read what Honda Mama has to say about her new Crosstour!

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