Erin & Greg’s Story: A True Honda Love Story

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day! Erin and Greg Moore are a true Honda love story, having met when they were both working at a Honda dealership together. “I was in the body shop and Erin was in the service department,” says Greg. “We started going to lunch together and talking, and for two years we were friends.”  “Until I told him I liked him,” laughs Erin.

Erin had grown up working on cars with her father: “He took me to car shows and the mechanic shop and we’d hang out, working on the car. We built a 1955 Chevy Bel Air two-door sports coupe together.” Erin’s knowledge of cars was one of the things that made Greg sit up and take notice. As he tells it, “One day, my car was lowered and I couldn’t get the legs to lift. You have to lift the wheel well to slide the lift legs underneath. Erin was walking by and I asked her to help me out by holding the legs. She went under the car, positioned the lift legs perfectly, got up covered in grease with a big grin and told me, ‘You’re all set.’ I told her, ‘I think I love you!’ At the time, I didn’t know any girls interested in cars. A lot of that’s changed, which is great.” Erin adds, “Being on the car scene is more than just sticking pink stuff on your car–girls know cars and work on them, too.”

Erin and Greg dated for several years and married on June 24, 2012. The theme of the wedding photographs? Their beloved Honda and Acura, of course! “When we ran it by the photographer, he was floored that Erin would want to do it. He thought it was so amazing,” says Greg. They took one portrait with the bride and groom and their cars, and one with their wedding guests and all the cars fanned out. “All our friends, all our cars,” Erin remembers. “It was a perfect day.”

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