Don’t Text and Drive! Seriously!

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Well, it’s official. I, Honda Mama, pledge to NEVER text and drive, EVER again!


Last week, I was privileged to attend the second annual Massachusetts Teen Distracted Driving Leadership Summit, which was created and run by the Salit brothers, high-school age triplets from Seekonk High School. Herb Chambers Honda of Seekonk was proud to sponsor this event.

Their mama should be proud of these kids (and of course, she is, and so is their dad…check out the family photo! They have a sister, too, she’s at college.)

Kara, Matthew, Brian, Timothy, and David  Salit

Kara and David Salit with their sons, Matthew, Brian, and Timothy

Several people told their stories that day, and those stories were gut-wrenching. I started thinking (as most parents do in these situations) about my kids. They’re not teens yet, but they will be, and I kept thinking, If my kids do this I will ground them for LIFE! This is going to be a huge rule in my house! NO distracted driving! NONE!

Then, one of the speakers asked the parents in the audience to stand up if they had ever texted while driving in the car with their kids.

And I had to stand up.

We all think, “I can just look down for 2 seconds” or “it doesn’t count if I’m stopped at a light” or “It’s OK if I’m stuck in traffic.”

It’s not OK. I’ll paraphrase one of the Summit speakers: “By texting and driving, you are deciding that the text you’re about to read or send is more important than the lives of the people on the road with you.”

Dude, seriously. Do NOT text and drive.

Dude, seriously. Do NOT text and drive.

Later that day, I was telling my daughter about the Summit as we drove to her activities. I told her, “I’ve got precious cargo and I can’t let anything happen to it!” She’d never heard that phrase before, so she said, “Yeah, mom, this is a new car. We don’t want anything to happen to it.” I told her, “No, honey, not the car. Cargo is what we carry in the car, you’re my precious cargo.”

Our kids are precious cargo. Other peoples’ kids (and fathers and mothers and husbands and wives and aunties and grandpas and friends) are precious cargo, too.

So I’m done. The phone stays in the purse, and if that little ding goes off, I can pull over or wait. We can always wait, to stay safe. As my daughter says, “Let’s roll, Safety Mama!”

Honda Mama takes the pledge: No more distracted driving!

Honda Mama takes the pledge: No more distracted driving!

Who’s ready to take that pledge with me? Please comment and share…let’s see how many people we can get to end distracted driving!

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