Buying a Honda: Making the Paperwork Easier

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Welcome to the Honda life!  You’re going to love it!  Just in case it’s your first car buying experience, here’s the list of VIP–very important papers–you need to take care of before you can drive your new wheels off the dealership lot.

  1. Insurance – Call your agent right away to get the new car onto your plan.  If you’re starting fresh and don’t have an agent, dealers can usually recommend one for you. But as Herb Chambers Honda Seekonk Sales Associate Mike Rebola told us, “Most people have insurance anyway, all you need to do is call your insurance company and give them permission for the sales rep to transfer the insurance to the new car.”
  2. Title, Registration, and License Plates – Titles are legal documents that name the owner of the car. Registration certificates establish the owner of the car with the government.  At Herb Chambers Honda Seekonk, we take care of all that for you. (Unless the customer pays cash in full, the dealership is responsible to handle registration, etc.) “If you need new plates, we get that done for you, too, but you can’t drive your car home without at least a temporary plate of course,” Mike adds.
  3. Inspection Sticker – You’ll need a registration certificate to get an inspection, so once the car is registered, that’s your next step. Mike tells us, “Because we are a Massachusetts dealership and service center, we can get any MA inspection done and update the sticker. If you are a Rhode Island resident, you don’t need an inspection for a new car for 2 years. If you purchase a pre-owned car, you’ll have 7 days to get an inspection after receiving your registration. We then reimburse you for your RI registration/inspection costs.”

After the paperwork is done, you’ll be able to drive away and enjoy your new Honda!

Special thanks to Mike Rebola for helping out with this article. Don’t hesitate to contact Mike or any of our sales team members if you have questions or would like to buy a Honda!

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