Everything You Need In Your Honda Emergency Kit

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We hope you never have to encounter an emergency situation but it’s always a good idea to be prepared! Our Service Team is bringing you a list of their top picks for things to pack in your car emergency kit:

1) Auto Club Card: Go for the top-level package so you can have the option of getting towed right to our dealership in the event you need service.

2) First Aid Kit: You can find small First Aid kits anywhere or create one yourself, and they’re great to have if someone is injured while you’re out driving.

3) Flashlight: You never know when you’ll need it! If you’re stuck somewhere at night, this humble tool can help you assess any damage or see in the dark if you have to walk to find help. Be sure to check the batteries regularly!

4) Jumper Cables: Basic jumper cables are a must in any emergency car kit. A basic set isn’t expensive and may save you if your battery goes!

5) Reflector Kit: There are many kits available that contain an assortment of reflective triangles, glow sticks, etc. If you’re stuck at night, setting these up can keep your car visible–and safe.

6) Flares: Flares are useful in alerting others to a potential problem, for example, if your car breaks down in a high traffic area and other drivers need to take care as they navigate around it.

7) Paper and Pencil: It may sound simple, but while you’re on the phone with the auto club or one of our service managers or the person who’s going to come and pick you up, you may need a paper and pencil to take down information. Trust us–you’ll be looking for it! (We recommend pencil, not pen, because ink tends to run out, freeze in cold temperatures, or explode in high temperatures.)

8) Duct Tape: This magical substance can do everything from shoring up a damaged hood or fender to reattaching a much-needed rear view mirror. We love it. If you are in a collision but your car is drivable, and you need to get back on the road quickly and safely (and on your way to Honda Seekonk so we can fix it) duct tape is your friend! Here are a few more ideas…

Of course, Hondas are known for their reliability, and we work hard to make sure your Honda is running great. But in the event something does happen, this kit will help you be prepared. Safe driving and call us if you need us!

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