Honda Fit: The Perfect Fit for Young Adults

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As a young adult, you’ve got a lot going on. Big decisions to make! Get a job or go on to college or grad school? Get a new place (and maybe a roommate to defray the costs) or move back with Mom and Dad? Get a puppy or a cat? (Or maybe you can just start with a fish…or a plant.)

There are lots of transitions during this time of your life. You’re on the move, and you need a reliable car to take you all the places you’re going. From features to fuel efficiency, the affordable Honda Fit has everything young adults need in a car. Here are five reasons why the Honda Fit is perfect for you:

  • It’s affordable! You might be up to your eyeballs in student debt, so you have to be budget-conscious. Herb Chambers Honda of Seekonk has many new and used models all with a ton of great features that will surely fit your budget and your style.
  • It has lots of cargo space (more than you’d think!) Once you graduate college, you’re either looking for a new apartment or moving back home.  You need all the cargo space you can get. Luckily, the Honda Fit can hold a ton of stuff, which makes it perfect for those of us who are still bouncing around a bit.
  • It’s fuel efficient and eco-friendly. Face it. Gas prices aren’t getting any cheaper, and student debt isn’t going away. You need a car that’s reliable, safe, and fuel-efficient. The Honda Fit’s 33 city/41 highway mpg helps you reduce your carbon footprint–and the burden on your wallet.
  • There is tons of legroom! When it’s time for a night out, it doesn’t make sense for you and your friends to take five separate cars.  But when you’re all piling into one car, you don’t want people to be squished! The Honda Fit has enough legroom to keep everyone comfortable.
  • Technology. Technology. Technology. Music. Navigation. Bluetooth capability. The Honda Fit has all these great tech features and MORE! Its 7” LCD touch screen display, Bluetooth streaming audio, and Honda satellite-linked navigation system are just a few of its many fantastic features.

Honda Laura’s review of the Fit has a lot of great info, but we encourage you to experience the Honda Fit for yourself.  Head on down to Herb Chambers Honda of Seekonk to test drive one today….you’ll see why the Honda Fit is the perfect fit for you!


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