4 Reasons to Wash Your Car this Winter

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If you live here in New England (or in an even more snowy place in the world), then you may see winter as a 3-month hiatus from car washing. It’s fun to get your Honda looking all sparkly and new when the sun is shining and the sky is blue, but in the colder months…yuck.

We know it’s freezing cold out. We know that washing your car in winter is like shoveling slush against the storm, so to speak. We know that it’s just going to get dirty again in, like, 5 minutes of driving. We still say: wash your car in winter.

But don’t just take Honda Mama’s word for it! We asked Tim Islip (Senior Service Advisor at Honda Seekonk) why it’s important to wash your car regularly, even in winter:

1) Car life and maintenance. You may look at all the junk all over your car and say, “It’s just snow. It’s frozen water. What can it really do to my car?” Look again, and you’ll see that what’s building up on your car all winter is snow and salt. And salt eats cars. Especially all those parts underneath: you can’t see them, but they are highly important to keeping your vehicle going.

2)  Safety. You probably know that it’s illegal to skip cleaning the snow off the top of your car because it can cause issues for other drivers. But cleaning the snow off other areas is important, too. Snow and ice can get caught in your wheel wells and interfere with handling. (You know that loud noise your wheels are making at high speeds? The one that scares you into thinking you have a flat tire? Often, it’s built-up snow.) Water can freeze on your windshield wipers and reduce your visibility. Make sure your car is fully cleaned of snow before you set out.

3) Tires. You wear boots to protect your feet in winter, right? Well, your car’s “feet”–the tires–don’t have this luxury. In the winter, tires are especially vulnerable to wear and tear. Washing the car helps get the salt out of the pores in the rubber, preventing dry rot, cracking, and excessive wear on tires.

4) Better driving.  You love driving your Honda, don’t you? Well, it will love you back when it’s washed regularly. The small salt/sand particles on your car’s suspension vibrate, causing a less comfortable ride. Once it’s washed, the car will feel like it’s driving more smoothly.

While the weather outside is frightful, what it can do to your car is even more so. So please, wash your car this winter, or better yet, take it to a car wash so they can clean all that salt off the car’s undercarriage. You’ll be doing lot for safer, smoother winter driving!


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