A Dual-Honda Household: Honda Mama and Honda Dad!

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I’ve been writing as Honda Mama for Herb Chambers Honda of Seekonk for over a year now, and it was only a matter of time before I wore him down…my husband finally went out and got a Honda! Woot!

The kids named the car: Lord Vader

The kids named the car: Lord Vader

I’ll let him tell the story…

“I was driving a small SUV that was beginning to show its age. My wife, known to all of you as Honda Mama, insisted suggested I test drive a Pilot at Herb Chambers Honda of Seekonk (it was date night, we were passing by, her devious plan worked to perfection.)

Once I tried it out, I couldn’t help but agree–the Pilot is a joy to drive. It handles as well as a small car with great pickup. It doesn’t have that truck-like feel where you labor to turn into parking spots.Yet, it’s roomy and highly capable in the snow with the 4WD. There’s enough room for a hockey bag in the back even when the third row of seats is engaged–that’s a big plus, because I am the resident hockey chauffeur!”

The third row seating is also useful for separating quibbling siblings. This made the car a big hit for our daughter, who had wanted us to buy a minivan, specifically an Odyssey, preferably with a TV/DVD player in back, but soon began to enjoy the Pilot.

BTW, fellow wives–just take a moment and note above where my husband ADMITTED I WAS RIGHT! Yes, you saw it here.

Garden City Ice Sculpture

My husband chose a gorgeous black Pilot with gray leather interior and has never been happier with a car because, as aforementioned, I WAS RIGHT. We took it home right around the holidays, so we got to take our “new car family joyride” out to Garden City Center, enjoying Christmas lights the whole way.

Welcome to the Honda family, Honda Dad!


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