10 Signs of Spring: New England Style

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Here at Herb Chambers Honda Seekonk, in fact all over New England, we’ve been having a record winter. We can’t wait for spring! We are ready for sunshine, flowers, and green grass. Honda Mama is already planning great local road trips in the Crosstour or Pilot! But our version of spring may be a little different from what we see in the rest of the country.

Read on for the Top 10 Signs of Spring…for New Englanders….

1. People (mostly guys, let’s be honest) start wearing shorts. In the snow.

guy in shorts in the snow

March=Spring=time for shorts

2. One day, you go out to your Honda dressed in your usual four layers, waterproof boots, gloves, hat, scarf, and a down jacket. Your Honda has been warming in the driveway and you put the heated seats on. Within moments, you are sweating. When you look at your car’s temperature gauge you see that it’s a balmy 44 degrees.


It was only 9 degrees yesterday!

3. You do not believe the groundhog. Ever. No matter what he says.

4.  You head to Target to replace the sweaters and fleeces you’ve been wearing daily since October, but all warm clothing has been replaced by a rack of bathing suits. Lured in by the bright colors, you optimistically try a few on. The sight of your white winter skin in a neon pink tankini soon convinces you to give up on the clothes department entirely. You leave the store with new floral sofa pillows, a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs (Easter’s coming!) and a pair of new pajama pants (they were on clearance!)

5. You get your Honda washed and remember what color your car actually is. 

spring blog car pretty

6. Snow, which everyone has been complaining about all winter, is replaced by slush, which is ten times worse. Because potholes.

7. One by one, those fun seasonal businesses we love start to open up…local farms and garden centers, roadside ice cream stands, drive-in movie theaters, and, if you’re in Rhode Island…Del’s!

   We're Open

8. Your friends who live in warmer climes have been regaling you with weather reports all winter, so you decide to make a trip to visit them. While you are there, the temperature hits 60 degrees every day and everyone remarks on “what an unseasonably cold spring we’re having!” You don’t say a word.

You just go outside and lay out in the sun.

Bridget Fonda

9. Three words: Daylight Savings Time.

It's still light at 5:00!

It’s still light at 5:00 pm!

And most important of all…

10. The flowers bloom, the sun comes out, and you remember why you love New England in the first place.

Spring New England Collage

Spring sure takes its time to appear, but we all know it’s well worth the wait. What are some signs of spring in your area? Comment below and tell us!


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